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10. “The Amazing Race”

Product placement occurrences: 161
Episodes in 2011: 11
Network: CBS

“The Amazing Race” pits 11 two-member teams in a race around the world, each competing for a $1 million prize. The contest’s format allows for seamless integration of product placement in all facets of the show, from what car they drive to the challenges the contestants face.

Travelocity,the primary sponsor, is featured throughout the program. In one of the more standout scenes of product placement, it had the contestants create the company's signature “Roaming Gnome” out of chocolate.

Another challenge had contestants find a mango-papaya tea in a taste test out of hundreds of other teas, in an event sponsored by Snapple.Ford Motor even issued a press release that listed its productsto be featured on the show’s 19th season. With many opportunities for product placement, it’s no wonder that “The Amazing Race” features a wide variety of brands...for a price.

Photo: CBS | Facebook