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9. “America’s Next Top Model”

Product placement occurrences: 178
Episodes in 2011: 26
Network: CW

Hosted by former model Tyra Banks, the CW’s fashion reality show follows model hopefuls as they compete to become “America’s Next Top Model.” The format incorporates product placement into many of the challenges, including scenes where contestants prep for challenges, use specific beauty products, or directly pose for a brand-oriented photo shoots or commercials.

The show is officially sponsored by CoverGirl, which supplies the winner with a $100,000 modeling contract. As a result, many challenges revolve around using and applying CoverGirl makeup. This includes challenges where contestants are rated on everything from the best use of CoverGirl products to the best public relations pitch for the products. In several of the show’s 17 seasons, there is an episode where the contestants are asked to write, produce, and perform in a commercial for CoverGirl.

Photo: Getty Images