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3. “Celebrity Apprentice”

Product placement occurrences: 391
Episodes in 2011: 12
Network: NBC

The show, hosted by Donald Trump, brings celebrities together to compete in business-driven challenges that can range from developing a new product, producing a commercial, selling merchandise, or running a company. With so many options, the format makes it easy to integrate a company or product.

Some of the challenges in the 2011 season included staging a camping experience using supplies from Camping World, creating an environment inside a 10-by-10-foot box that embodies Australian Gold's brand, and producing 30-second spots for ACN's new videophone.

In this year’s finale, the contestants were asked to come up with a promotional campaign for 7-UP Retro, which included designing the packaging and in-store display, producing a commercial, and launching a star-studded event that promoted the brand.

Photo: NBC