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Cramer’s ‘Game Plan’ for Next Week


What follows is Cramer’s “Game Plan” for Monday, Jan. 9.


Cramer's Earnings Parade

To start, Cramer plans to monitor Alcoa’s earnings report after the closing bell. Cramer doesn’t expect much from the aluminum producer. The company has already announced production cuts, which Cramer thinks is a smart move because the aluminum glut has no end in sight. While CEO Klaus Kleinfeld will likely put an optimistic spin on the conference call, Cramer thinks the company just won’t be able to meet analysts’ expectations. So major estimate cuts could be on the way.

Cramer also plans to listen to the JPMorgan Global Health conference, which features many health care companies. He’s interested in hearing from Regeneron and Celgene in particular. Both names have gotten dinged lately, so he thinks they could push higher.


The “Mad Money” host plans to track French industrial production data set to be released Tuesday. If the number is poor, Cramer thinks there could soon be a ratings cut.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank is hosting a very important conference, the auto confab. Autos have been a crucial source of strength in this country and automakers are huge job creators, so Cramer hopes the momentum continues to pick up. The conference should provide that insight.


Cramer looks forward to getting a read on the homebuilders when Lennar reports earnings.

“Pay more attention to their sales and cancellations than any bottom line numbers because homebuilders don't lend themselves to simple earnings analysis,” Cramer said. “If Lennar's good, I expect the homebuilder rally to continue, and suddenly we might be talking about a strong spring selling season. “


The first bond auctions of the year will happen Thursday with Italy and Spain and Cramer is interested as to whether the market cares about these auctions in the new year.

U.S. December retail sales numbers will also be released on Thursday. It won’t be as important as European auctions, but nevertheless, positive data could help counterweight any bad news out of Europe. The aggregate sales number will likely not be as good as individual retail names have been doing lately, so if you aren’t invested in the sector yet, Cramer would wait for a possibly disappointing number before taking the plunge. For those interested, Cramer prefers Macy’s , TJX Companies and Ross Stores .

Cramer will also monitor Domino’s earnings results. He has a lot of respect for CEO Patrick Doyle, so he will be listening closely to what he has to say.


Finally, Cramer will watch for JPMorgan’s earnings results. Cramer thinks it will likely post a decent number, but it will probably be the only large bank to post a decent number.

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