Funny Business with Jane Wells

Facebooking In the Shower


It may be too late for Christmas 2011, but here's the perfect gift for the social network-a-holic you love in 2012: the Facebook shower curtain.

The curtain replicates a Facebook profile page (though not in the new Timeline format!).

It includes a cutout where a profile picture would go, near the shower head, so you can pose for a living avatar.

It doesn't appear you can customize the curtain, so you may be stuck with such "posts" as one from Bath Tub which says, "Why did the bank robber take a bath? So he could make a clean getaway..... hahaha."

You really do have to be an uber-geek for this one.

The shower curtains cost about $23 and will not be back in stock until February.

But a Facebook shower curtain? Do we love our online lives that much? What's next? Twitter toilet paper? Most of my tweets are worthless, so that would be a perfect fit. More perfect, perhaps, than putting Facebook on a shower curtain. After Mashable posted a storyon the curtain, one commenter wrote, "That still gives you more privacy than an actual Facebook profile."

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