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Erin Kitzie


Season six of CNBC’s “American Greed” will premiere on Wednesday, January 25th. Episodes will premiere Wednesdays at 9PM and repeat at 10PM, 12AM and 1AM ET the same night.

Wednesday, January 25th - “American Greed” Episode 51 - Kenneth Starr: Naked Greed: Celebrity Scam Artist

An accountant to stars like Sylvester Stallone, Diane Sawyer and Wesley Snipes, mismanages clients’ money, pockets millions and marries an exotic dancer.

Wednesday, February 1st – “American Greed” Episode 52 - Carlos Perez-Olivo: Master of Deadly Deceit

Attorney Carlos Perez-Olivo burns clients, is disbarred and is later convicted of murdering his wife Peggy for a $900,000 insurance policy.

Wednesday, February 8th – “American Greed” Episode 53 - The Tran Organization: Blackjack Cheaters

Van Thu Tran and her crime ring, The Tran Organization, steal millions during a nationwide casino-cheating scheme.

Wednesday, February 15th – “American Greed” Episode 54 – Kevin Cohen: Baby Broker Scam

Attorney Kevin Cohen uses his Long Island-based Adoption Annex to take advantage of couples seeking to adopt children, making off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in a fake baby scam.

Wednesday, February 22nd – “American Greed” Episode 55 - Tom Petters: Generous with Other People’s Money

Minneapolis businessman Tom Petters buys big companies with other people’s money. He earns double-digit profits for investors, saves thousands of jobs and makes himself rich in the process. The secret to his success? A 15-year Ponzi scheme.

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