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Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand doesn’t score quite as well as Ecuador when it comes to special discounts for retirees, climate, or even cost of living. Where it does get high marks, however, is in real estate costs. $500 a month is all that a retiree would need to rent an apartment in the nation’s capital, Bangkok. As Thailand’s largest city, it also scores high when it comes to entertainment and amenities. So while the heat may be sweltering and retirees don’t get half-fare bus passes, there’s too much fun stuff to do to get too upset about it.

Bangkok has a bustling night life, making it ideal for the retiree who left work so that there are more hours in the day to party. Of particular note is the cuisine, which International Living contributor Jason Gaspero described as “amazing.” However, Bangkok residents are hardly limited just to Thai food. “If you get tired of it, you can find restaurants with food from all over the world.”

Athit Perawongmetha | Getty Images