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Big Momentum Stocks: Which Leaders Will Continue to Win?

For the second half of 2011, Fast Money's top traders have said to ‘stick with what’s working’.

In other words, when you put money to work pick stocks that are leaders not laggards – buy high and sell higher; that’s the trade that has paid.

However, with some leaders advancing 50% or more over a period of only 1 year, investors are starting to wonder how much upside can possibly be left.

Given the outperformance, should you remain bullish on these S&P over achievers? Or is the trading thesis getting a little long in the tooth?

We know it's a conundrum. To help sort through the confusion, the Fast Money traders have parsed through the best performing stocks of 2011 and revealed whether these high momentum names have any more room to run.

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The Biggest Momentum Stocks of 2011: Buy or Sell?

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