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Drop Your IPad from the Stratosphere? No Worries!



Actions speak louder than words, and a demonstration video for an iPad accessory is, by this definition, very loud.

Black and white versions of the new iPad 2.
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Have you ever dropped your iPad and busted it? Seen your $600 or $700 investment fizzle before your eyes?

Here's one way to make sure that never happens again.

G-Form, a company which makes rugged covers for everything from Kindles to human elbows,  has created a protective cover for the iPad which can survive all kinds of mayhem, like being tossed from a speeding car.

The Extreme Edge has an open face, so you can keep using your iPad while it's being protected, and the cost is $45. 

At first blush, I wasn’t sure this cover would be durable enough for me. I do not treat my electronic devices kindly. My Blackberry has never fully recovered from the Venti Mocha bath it got a year ago when I spilled coffee all over it, and my iPad's already been scratched. I may need something hardier.

Well, hold on.

In one of the most visually amazing demonstrations ever, G-Form put the Extreme Edge on an iPad…and dropped it from the edge of space, approximately 100,000 feet up! The iPad survives. Perhaps more amazing, the camera also survives — no word on the brand.

Imagine: astronauts don't have to worry anymore! Lose that iPad containing space station details while out on a spacewalk — no problem! Even pilots who overfly the Minneapolis airport by 150 miles while online don't have to worry if, in their shock, they throw their devices out an emergency exit. Your porn is protected! (Er, I mean the new scheduling management software.)

This thing takes a licking and keeps on clicking! Though I’m still not sure it can protect against a Venti Mocha bath.

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