TiVo Offers 'Couch Potatoes' More Choices: CEO


Only 38 percent of television viewing is done live, and that gives TiVo more opportunity to offer its recording services to "couch potatoes" everywhere, CEO Thomas Rogers told CNBC Wednesday.

He said Tivo has moved beyond its digital video recorder, or DVR, to take advantage of viewers who prefer on-demand programs, want to record programs for later viewing or watch television over their computers and smartphones.

"While TiVo is known as the creator of the DVR, what we do now is far broader than that, and we have actually become the leading provider to cable television operators here and around the world of what we call advanced television," Rogers said.

He defined that as bringing live television, recorded television, video on demand and Internet TV together in a "simple, easy way for the consumer."

Tivo CEO on the Future of Television

"What we’re about is integrating that into an easy, simple, convenient, couch potato-approved approach to making it accessible. So we look at all that as more opportunity for what we do," he added.

That's why many cable television operators use TiVo technology in their set-top boxes, he said, and why the company has not been shy about going into court to protect its intellectual property, including winning recent patent lawsuits against Dish Network and AT&T.

"We’ve demonstrated over the last year just how valuable and enforceable our intellectual property is," Rogers said.