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Long-Term Investors Should Look for This in Stocks


If you’re playing the market for the long-run, Mike Ryan of UBS says one criteria probably matters most as you pick stocks.

In a word it’s dividends.

He thinks a structural shift is coming into the market, in which stock buyers will become more focused on the income component of their equity portfolios.

The Great Deleveraging

“Demographic changes, volatility and a search to replace lost income will drive this secular shift,” Ryan says.

In other words, going forward, the way investors will put money to work will be more and more focused on generating income – and as a result, stocks that pay dividends will become incrementally preferable.


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As you pick stocks for your portfolio, Ryan suggests asking yourself the following:
- Does the company have a strong balance sheet?
- Does the company have good growth prospects?
- Can the company generate an increase in dividend payouts over time?

If a company meets all 3 criteria he thinks it’s a buy.

It’s important to note, that Ryan is talking long-term. “This is a marathon and not a sprint. This strategy isn’t about doing well for January, it’s about positioning to do well this year and next year.”

Trader Joe Terranova agrees with the thesis. “The dividend paying strategy is a defensive strategy and I think it works.”

* On a related note, Keith McCullough of Hedgeye tells the desk if you have a one year time horizon he likes the consumer discretionary sector to buy and hold.

His thesis is pegged to the belief that the dollar will remain strong through 2012.  “A strong dollar creates a very different investing environment. It gives consumers more purchasing power. That’s good for the consumption stocks,” he says.

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