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Ahead of Earnings, Buy Goldman or Stay Away?


On a day in which financial stocks posted mixed performance, the “Fast Money” traders looked ahead to Goldman Sachs ahead of earnings, which it releases Wednesday.

“If you take a look at what earnings estimates have done, they have been ratcheted way, way down along with the price on Goldman,” said Patty Edwards of Trutina Financial. “I am not a believer in the bigger banks or even anything other than maybe a super regional, and I haven’t even made myself buy that yet.”

Edwards said she would be staying away from Goldman Sachs.

“I think someone who is a little more nimble than me might be able to get in there and play it on a bounce,” she said. “I don’t like the idea of what’s coming out of the trading side of this, though.”

Goldman shares closed at $97.68, down 1.29 percent. The company is scheduled to report earnings early Wednesday.

Trader Anthony Scaramucci said although he had recommended Goldman stock at $20 higher, he liked it now.

“At $120 a share book value and a fantastic management team buying back stock in a prodigious way, this company’s going to move higher in the next six months,” he said.

Josh Brown of Fusion Analytics dismissed a rise in financial stocks as a rally in a bear market.

“They’re all head fakes, every single one of them,” he said. “Every time we get either a short squeeze or a semi-decent quarter, you get this 6½ percent pop. It’s only suckers buying in. There’s distribution almost immediately after. I don’t want to own a financial that’s paying at least a 3 percent dividend yield. None of the big banks can or will in the foreseeable future.”


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For “Fast Money” pro Joe Terranova, the story was really about managing expenses.

“I don’t want to own Citi. I don’t want to own Bank of America,” he said. “I don’t know the expense story, and I think in 2012 that’s going to be critical.”

Jon Najarian of OptionMonster.com noted that XLF, the financial ETF, has been steadily moving toward $14 per share. The ETF saw a 10 percent increase in the past month.

“People have optimistic outlook for the financial sector, at least for the short-term,” he said.

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