Checkout Registers Will Be Gone in 10 Years: NCR CEO


People working the checkout registers will be a thing of the past if Bill Nuti, NCR's CEO, gets his way.

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Steven Puetzer | Getty Images

"Within 10 years there won’t be assisted service left," he predicted to CNBC Tuesday, "much like it isn’t at the gas station, much like there hasn’t been in other markets. Self-service is here to stay and we’ll continue to innovate and make the technology better.

NCR makes self-checkout scanners and kiosks as well as bank ATMs. He acknowledged that self-service machines could break down, but the technology is improving and "the consumer experience is getting better over time."

Leveraging Technology in Retail

So much better, in fact, that "we have customers that have tremendous numbers of [consumer] transactions going through," he said. "We have customers with upwards of 50 percent of all their transactions in the store, go through self-checkout."

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