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Saddam Hussein's Buttock is Another Man's Art and TV Chef Paula Deen Cuts the Cheese


It's only Tuesday, and I've already found my favorite stories of the week.

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First, Iraq is demanding a British soldier return Saddam Hussein's buttock.

Not the real one, but the one made of stone which was part of the famous statue toppled in Baghdad back when we thought our mission was accomplished.

According to the UK Sun, a then-British Special Forces member named Nigel "Spud" Ely was guarding a television crew capturing the jubilation as Saddam's regime toppled in April, 2003.

After a massive statue of the fallen leader fell, “Nigel picked up a 2ft lump of bronze that had formed part of the tyrant's backside and brought it back to the UK."

Well, Iraq wants the backside back. The Iraqi government says it's a cultural antiquity. Ely tells the Sun he "turned the buttock into an artwork and says that makes him its legal owner." He tried to auction off the buttwork last year to help raise money for injured troops, but, shockingly, no one bought it. "When I got it, it was just a piece of scrap metal," he tells the newspaper. "If the Iraqis want to split the proceeds to give some to Iraqi charities, I am happy to listen."

As @j2lovesfriday noted on Twitter, "I'd never have guessed...the phrase 'his a** is history' to be literally true."


Paula Deen
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In the "You Don't Say" file, Paula Deenhas revealed she's been suffering from Type 2 Diabetes for quite some time.

You don’t say.

Look, I love her recipes as much as the next person, but you can't live on that stuff. After all, this is a woman who reportedly sells butter flavored lip balm.

Deen has teamed up with Novo Nordisk to unveil "Diabetes in a New Light" to help people manage the condition without sacrificing flavor in their favorite meals. "Resources will include how to prepare diabetes-friendly food without compromising taste, incorporating physical activity into everyday life, managing stress and working with your doctor to find a treatment plan that works for you."

Recipes are being modified, so instead of the original version of Lady and Sons Lasagna(which I've had and MAN OH MAN the 6.5 cups of various cheeses make it awesome),  you will have the "lighter" Lady and Sons Lasagna recipe, which has only...6.5 cups of various cheeses. But it's reduced fat. "I wasn't about to change my life," Deen says in a video, "but I have made simple changes in my life."

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