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12 Twitter Tweaks We’d Like to See in 2012

1. Weekly Activity Email

An automated email that captures weekly activity, such as tweets, retweets, @ mentions, new followers, new follows and more. It would allow for users to get a weekly snapshot of their interaction with the social media site.

2. Free Bird


Twitter must make inactive handles available for those people interested in using them.

Acknowledging that Twitter is only as valuable as its users, the social media company should set a date when all accounts that have not been logged into in the last 12 months (not since the last Tweet since some people consume content and do not create content) are made available to the general public.

A handle that fits set criteria can be claimed by visiting the profile and clicking "claim username," which will kick an email to the current owner to give them 72 hours to login and verify that the user still exists. If they fail to respond within 72 hours, the person that claimed the user name is awarded it.

3. URL-Shortener with Basic Metrics

We all measure our social media success by the amount of people who view / consume the content we create and curate. Twitter needs to incorporate a URL shortener (which allows users to customize the after-slash URL component) and provide users with a simple dashboard to view the number of clicks and a list of those users who clicked on each link.

4. Member-Since-Date

Here’s a simple addition to a user profile – how long has the person been using Twitter? This tiny piece of information puts all other relevant Twitter numbers – followers, following, number of tweets – in perspective. Remember, we all started out with 0 tweets and 0 followers. We realize this is on Twitter for Blackberry, but we want to see this on

5. Photo Sharing

Twitter content is largely driven by sharing images and it's about time that experience is enhanced. Here are three suggestions:

  • It’s a social experience – allow users to tag other users via their Twitter handles.
  • The life experiences we share on Twitter aren’t always captured by sharing one photo – give us the ability to create photo galleries for easy sharing.
  • Light photo editing tools (rotate, re-size, crop, etc.).

6. Hide and Seek

Your tweets ARE your bio. Twitter users can either feature their “bio” openly or interact with replies (and, in turn, “clog” their timeline). When considering adding a new follow to our timeline, we often visit a prospect’s profile to get a feel for their most recent activity and to view their original content (which is the only real way to see if someone is follow-worthy). So, we need the ability to hide someone’s @replies when viewing a profile to seamlessly view their original content. I think people also want the ability to hide @replies from their main timeline too when they follow the people having the conversation, but don’t want to see it.

7. Access to Archives

Twitter only gives users access to their most recent 3,000 tweets. Want to make a book out of all your tweets? Most of you can’t. It’s time we have searchable access to all of our posted tweets. The URLs to all posted tweets exist – we should have the ability to find and see them.

8. [Comment] RT:

Twitter encourages you to share other’s content, but isn’t interested in your comments. Having the one-click ability to RT with a comment only enhances the sharing experience. (Bonus: seamless ability to email a tweet would be nice too.)

9. Group DMs

From time to time, a “conversation” on Twitter turns private (and there are a myriad of reasons why messages aren’t worthy or appropriate for public consumption). If the private conversation is between more than two users, the option to DM is null and void. Being limited in the amount of characters we have in DMs is one thing; not being able to “group chat” via DMs is another.

10. Better Notifications

When users receive a DM or @reply they should be notified of this no matter what page they're viewing while browsing Twitter. Using a Facebook-esque notification system would improve the user experience and ensure that all interaction is known.

11. Better Search

Twitter's search engine is woefully inefficient. Twitter has to understand that people curate the site for content. An advanced search that allows Tweets to sort by Tweets and topics is needed. Just as important is the ability to sort people by topics identified in their bio. When people ask me how to find good follows on a particular topic, I tell them to type in the topic and Twitter in Google. That shouldn't be.

12. Proprietary Ranking System

Sure, there's to tell you how effective of a Tweeter someone is and you can put Klout in Tweetdeck, but Twitter should really have its own ranking system to show its followers who is best at using Twitter.

What shouldn’t change? The people who I love bouncing social media ideas off of. Much thanks to @nickbegley, @burnSTYLEr, @merkenyon and @EliFromBrooklyn.

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