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Pros See Upside In Tech Despite Chart Action


One technical analyst’s perspective on recent tech rallies suggests a bear market, but the “Fast Money” pros saw opportunity.

John Mendelson, a senior managing director and ISI’s head of technical analysis, released a chart that shows the Morgan Stanley Tech Index trading below its 200-day moving average on significantly lower volume.

The index has trended downward since February 2011.

Chart of the Day: Tech Sector

But there is a flip side.

“What there is on the other side of that chart is rising support levels and plenty of places to find a point of reference to put a stop in,” said Joe Terranova, trader and author of “Buy High, Sell Higher.” “I think if it gets through the 200-day moving average, it’s going to force a lot of money managers that have been sitting on the sidelines to have to buy the market.”

Jon Najarian of continued to see opportunity in tech rallies.

“I think you’re always foolish not to take money when you get the chance,” he said.

Najarian used Apple, whose stock hit $429.47 to set a new 52-week high, as an example.

“I’ve sold additional calls into it. I don’t think that they just grow straight up into the sky,” he said. “I think that you take advantage of opportunities like this. I’m leaving some out there still because I see some upside, but I am selling a significant amount of calls into it to take some of that money and sweep it back into my pocket where it belongs.”

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