Funny Business with Jane Wells

‘Tebowing’ Bows to ‘Gronking’

Rob Gronkowski, nicknamed "Gronk" of the New England Patriots.
Mary Catherine Wellons | CNBC

Last week all we (me) could talk about was Tim Tebow.

Then he ran into Tom Brady.

The Patriots resoundingly defeated the Broncos, thanks in part to three touchdowns by Rob Gronkowski, the towering tight end who makes his presence known before, during, and especially after he scores.

Gronkowski is famous for spiking the football in the end zone, and now that Tebow is history this season, Tebowing--where people copy the quarterback's pose of taking a knee to thank God--is being replaced by "Gronking."

That's when you photograph yourself spiking something, anything, from babies (kidding - don't try this at home) to hazardous waste (really kidding - really don't try this at home).

I have the feeling we're going to see a lot more of this after Sunday.

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