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UK Model Katie Price Tweets About Euro Debt Crisis

Katie Price
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London tabloid glamour model Katie Price is not exactly known for her economic wisdom.

Although she's an author of best-selling books, she's best known for her stunning looks.

So it was surprising — even bizarre — when she started tweeting to her 1.5 million followers on Twitter about the need for a "true fiscal union" to solve "euro zone debt problems."

“OMG!! Eurozone debt problems can only be properly solved by true fiscal union!!! #comeonguys” she wrote.

Price also tweeted about "large scale quantitative easing" and Chinese monetary policy.

Here's the a screen grab of the tweets (via Business Insider):

"I'm not sure what just happened to Jordan's twitter stream (1.5M followers), but it's fabulous," Reuters blogger Felix Salmon wrote on his Twitter account.

"Our only conclusion is that Eurozone/China/macro stuff is now such a big deal that everyone wants to chime in, and has opinions," Joe Weisenthal wrote at Business Insider.

Apparently, however, it was just a piece of creative advertising.

Following the econotweets, Price posted a photo of her with a Snickers bar, and wrote, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” That's one of Snickers' promotional slogans.

Get it? She wasn't sounding like herself in those tweets. Hunger had made her so


und like an economist. And Snickers returned her to her usual self.

"Morning tweeples I've already had a good workout rode my dressage horses and now filming and love it xxxx," she wrote today.

So Snickers makes you less hungry and less articulate!

The twitosphere and London papers seem convinced it was an official publicity stunt by Snickers. There's been no official confirmation as far as I can tell — Snickers maker Mars didn't immediately respond to my email.

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