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Microsoft, Pharma & More in Play as Fed Drives Investors into Sl-o-o-w Money

The Fed’s decision to hold rates steady through 2014 puts a slew of stocks in play.

That’s largely because the potential of ‘lower for longer’ is expected to push more money out of Treasurys and into stocks as investors seek better returns.

How should you position ahead of a rotation. The Fast Money traders have a few ideas.

Karen Finerman

Fast Money’s chairwoman thinks Microsoft looks all the more attractive after the Fed. Although the stock has spiked over the past few weeks, she thinks there’s more upside. “It pays a nice dividend and generates decent earnings growth,” she says. Both are criteria that could be attractive to conservative investors.

Pete Najarian

The Pit Boss thinks big pharma names such as Pfizer and Merck  could now become all the more attractive. “These stocks generate dividend yields of about 4%,” he reminds. That’s way better than Treasurys.

Joe Terranova

Rather than play stocks, the Liquidator suggests playing a rotation out of Treasurys and into other types of bonds. “Corporate bonds should do well in a low rate environment,” he says. "You can play it with the LQD. Also he says, don’t forget about utilities.

Mike Khouw

Option investor Mike Khouw suggests long positions in Verizon, AT&T and tobacco names -- plays that worked last year. However, Khouw says there's a caveat. Those trades are only for investors who ‘believe’ the Fed can keep rates low through 2012. Khouw can’t get behind the thesis, himself. “I have a hard time believing 2 years we will have seen interest rates that stayed low for that long.”

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