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RIMM CEO Shows New Product, Defends Blackberry Technology


Blackberry maker Research in Motion new CEO Thorsten Heins did an on-the-record with us at CNBC. He gave us a preview of the new Playbook technology; certainly impressive (though no idea what reviewers will say after getting their hands on it.)

Several takeaways:

He kept saying over and over that most people don't realize the Blackberry 7 browser is the fastest — period.

To stem the tide of corporate defections, and prime the pump for Blackberry 10 later this year, the company will soon announce a new replacement program to get the Blackberry 7 in the hands of Blackberry 5 users as fast as possible. He wouldn't give details, but suggested the change will not crush margins.

The new Blackberry operating system is being used as THE operating system in a number of new European autos.

Frustrated the company doesn't get credit for its strong balance sheet and cash flow. (As I've pointed out, the sales/profits trend, however, is not its friend.)

Company is looking for a new chief marketing officer.

He said several times that he "gets" the frustrations in the market. He genuinely believes he has the best operating system.

My take: Big challenge.


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