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Terranova: ‘Bank Trade Is Over’ After Fed Move


The Federal Reserve decision to keep interest rates at historic lows through late 2014 signifies a game-changing situation for certain sectors, traders said Thursday.

“When you look at the week-to-date performance, you look at the nine major sector ETFs and look at the XLF, well, there’s your laggard for the week,” trader Joe Terranova said on “Fast Money.”

Trading the Casualties of Fed's Low Rates

“I think the trade in the banks is over,” he added. “I think you now look for the next catalyst. Maybe the stress tests will be the catalyst, but I think you have to wait.”

Trader Karen Finerman saw potential upside despite the recent pull-back.

“I think there’s so much noise in a Bank of America, for instance,” she said. “If they can clean up some of the liabilities, forgetting the flatness of about the yield curve, that’s a much bigger impetus for the stock to move than anything else.”

Tim Seymour of thought the Fed’s move could be a bad sign for Europe.

ETFC: Margin Squeeze on Low Rates

“I would argue that, again, a weaker dollar — which is fantastic for us here, which is what the Fed truly wants, will never tell you — is putting more upward pressure on the euro, which is overvalued,” he said. “Go right to the export economies, go to Germany, go to Siemens — and you see a place where, directly, exporters out an expensive European Union suffer.”

Continued low interest rates could mean bad news for such sectors as insurance companies, banks, clearing houses and brokerages. But Rich Repetto of Sandler O’Neill thought one name in the e-broker space would be squeezed harder.

Repetto downgraded ETrade to a “hold” rating and lowered its 2012 EPS outlook 24 percent — to 56 cents from 74 cents. The expectations were due to the decline in interest rates and management’s declining loan yields.

Options Action: MetLife

E Trade, he said, was less profitable than such peers as Ameritrade and Schwab.

In the options trade, Mike Khouw of Cantor Fitzgerald offered one way to play MetLife.

“The stock was trading at about $34.20 and you could sell the March 35 calls against it for $1.45. That yields just above 4 percent over the course of the next 50 days, up to 6½ total return if the stock were to rally through that strike,” he said. “This is one of those situations when everybody’s trying to chase that yield, you might have to look to preferreds and look to things like buy rights to try to increase that yield.”

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