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What Your Drink Says About You

Glass of Whiskey
Jonnie Miles | Getty Images

Over at the Gloss, bartender Kristen Hamill reveals what you've known all along: your bartenders are judging you by what you drink.

Here's a sampling of what your drink says about you.

Pinot Grigio: You are approaching menopause faster than you think.

Pinot Noir: You don’t really go to bars.

Moscato: You listen to too much rap.

Grand Marnier: What are you doing here?

Scotch: You will probably tip me well and tell me I remind me of your daughter after you check out my bum.

Vodka Martini: You had a serious day at work, or you are a functional alcoholic.

Whiskey: You are cool. If you try to get my number I won’t act too offended.

Bud Light: You are driving.

Budweiser: You are driving drunk.

Now go read the whole thing.

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