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NYSE vs. Nasdaq: Fighting for Facebook on Social Platforms


With Facebook reportedly looking to file its S-1 asearly as Wednesday, the NYSE and Nasdaq are both looking to snag the social media giant. And appropriately enough, they’re taking the battle to the social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook itself.

Justin Sullivan | Getty Images

The NYSE bought a “Promoted Tweet” touting its success with Tech IPOs: “We’re expecting over 120 new #IPO transactions. While companies see our value, we see our future friends.”

@NYSE_Euronext also Tweeted “#justsaying… Young, innovative, emerging growth companies are the engines of #growth.”

The cost varies, but a promoted tweet can run north of $100,000. And the NYSE also hosted its first “Social Media Day” in November.

Meanwhile the Nasdaq is making its pitch on Facebook itself. The company is trying to grow fans on the platform, with a trivia competition on the page. If you say you “like” Nasdaq, you’re entered into a competition to have your picture posted on the Nasdaq tower. And Nasdaq is certainly friendly with Facebook—a recent post on its page eatured a quote from Facebook’s Andy Mitchell.

Nasdaq is winning the popularity contest, it has 27,000 Facebook fans and 193,000 Twitter followers, while the NYSE has just 18,000 Facebook fans and 39,000 Twitter follwers (as of last count).

If Facebook wants the ticker “FB,” it is available on both the NYSE and the Nasdaq.

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