Business of the Super Bowl 2012

CNBC Poll: Would You Bet on the Super Bowl?
Super Bowl, Super Sports, Super Bucks - A CNBC Special Report

If you want to bet legally on the outcome of Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 5, then you better live in Nevada, Delaware, Montana or Oregon.

It's illegal in all other U.S. states. New Jersey — home to CNBC — is trying to join the group. What's more, two of its congressman want to give all states another chance to legalize, introducing federal legislation to do so on the heels of the New York Giants' NFC championship.

Other U.S. legislators have been pushing Internet gambling for years.

Residents of New Jersey, where state legislators recently approved a law to allow people places bets on games while at Atlantic City casinos or at the state's race tracks, approve of the idea by a 2-to-1 margin. (The NFL, by the way, opposes gambling in general.)

Where do you stand? Would you bet on the Super Bowl if you could. (Pssst! The New England Patriots are three-point favorites, based on current Las Vegas odds. )