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Super Bowl Party Food Inflation


You may be thinking about football this weekend. I’m thinking about food.

I always think about food.

This being an election year, the American Restaurant Association has determined the average Super Bowl party is NOT better off now than it was four years ago.

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It ran the numbers on hamburger (up 60%), tortilla chips (corn is up 43%), and chicken wings are hitting all-time highs (up 39% in four years to $1.76/lb.).

Buffalo Wild Wings sold 6.5 million wings last Super Bowl Sunday, and Dougherty & Co. estimates the fast food chain this year is currently paying $1.80 to $1.85 a pound, compared to only $1.22 a year ago. You can’t be chicken in figuring out a way to be profitable with that kind of inflation, yet BWLD sharesare up nearly 50 percent in a year.

Will the high prices last?

Super Bowl Party Food Inflation

Turns out the chicken wing markets usually “peak around mid-February and then move lower,” according to the American Restaurant Association (who knew?).

Pizza prices are harder to figure out because there’s so much promotion involved around the Super Bowl.

Pizza Hut tells CNBC that in 2008, the average large pizza cost $14-$18, but it’s currently selling larges pizzas for only $10.

That’s a good deal.

So is this: avocados are 17 percent cheaper now than they were four years ago. I could live on guacamole. My party just got brighter.

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