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T. Rowe Price's Facebook Investments Grow to $408 Million


T. Rowe Price tells CNBC that 19 of its mutual funds are holding private investments in Facebook worth a total $408 million, as of Dec. 31.


That number is up from the $190.5 million in Facebook shares the mutual fund company had disclosed back in April of last year.

A T. Rowe Price spokesperson confirmed that additional shares were been purchased since April 2011 for its funds but cannot confirm how much of the change is due to an increase in valuation versus additional share purchases.

Of the 19 funds, only one has more than one percent of its holdings in shares of Facebook: T. Rowe’s Media & Telecommunications Fund.

Anyone and everyone who has a stake in Facebook is being counted and courted this week. has identified at least four other publicly traded companies that own shares including: GSV Capital , Firsthand Technology Fund , Microsoft and Goldman Sachs .

Facebook is widely expected to file paperwork with the SEC this week for its public offeringof shares sometime later this year.