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A Sneak Peek at Facebook's New Headquarters


I just got back from a quick tour of Facebook’s new HQ. While the we wait for the company to file its S-1 with the SEC, it’s business as usual at the company's new Menlo Park campus.

Facebook “Just Kickin’ It” lounge

But when the company does file, we can expect CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg to gather employees to discuss the big news.

About 2,000 of Facebook's roughly 3,000 employees are based here as they started moving over from Facebook's old digs in Palo Alto, in December.

Employees started to arrive at 7 and will continue to trickle in until 11 (engineers come and leave later). The outside of the HQ is totally corporate as it used to be owned by Sun Microsystems . But the inside is funky and casual, a lot more like the company's old offices on in Palo Alto.

The floors are sealed concrete, there's a ton of unfinished wood and exposed steel beams. Many of the walls are painted with chalkboard paint so employees can graffiti the walls just like they write on their friends Facebook "walls." The offices are open with "cozies", small conference rooms with interactive touch screen signs, which can be reserved for an hour at a time.

To compensate for the fact that employees can no longer walk to University Ave for a frozen yogurt or coffee, FB is building an outdoor walkway area that will be finished in March- there will be room for employees to hang out outside, and they company will bring in food carts and stands for employees to have more variety than what the cafe offers.

The cafe, which is open and full of unfinished wood and steel beams is designed by Roman + Williams, the same people who designed the Ace Hotel. In addition to a big-- free-- cafeteria, there are "micro kitchens" with snacks, drinks, coffee and cereal on pretty much every floor of the 8 building office.

But Facebook doesn't just keep employees happy with food-- there are five bars sprinkled around the buildings. That's right bars with Jim Beam, other hard alcohol and beer on tap, like Stella Artois. I'm guessing there will be impromptu happy hours when the S-1 is filed.

Some other fun things—a number of the "cozy" conference rooms have treadmills so employees can walk and talk while on conference calls. There's a custom vending machine for electronics-- like USB cords. And there's a "phone booth"with a super man costume hanging from it, for employees to steal away for private phone conversations.

Here are a few of the highlights from our sneak peek inside the new campus:

  • “Happy Hour” (bar)
  • “Walk & Talk”(treadmill with phone)
  • “Get your Gadget On” (vending machine)
  • “Just ’ It” (lounge)
  • “Eatery Expansion”

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