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What Plays Tim Seymour Is Watching In Russia

Back from an investment-finding trip to Russia, founder Tim Seymour shared a few major themes he found.

1. Look beyond oil.

Seymour said on Monday that Russian oil stocks remained cheap but urged a look at consumer names, especially since inflation, “like in the rest of emerging markets, is potentially at record lows.” He also predicted energy and education will fuel economic growth over the next 20 years.

For now, stocks Seymour liked include Yandex, , Vimpelcom and Mobile TeleSystems, the latter two being among “the biggest names in Eastern Europe cellular, and names that I think trade at a very interesting valuation.” also benefitted from the Facebook “halo effect” because the company owns 2.9 percent of the pre-IPO company.

2. Russians aren’t keen on austerity.

“In Russia, they are looking at Europe and saying, ‘Look, fiscal austerity is actually a bad thing.’ I viewed a panel where actually Vladimir Putin sat with Michael Milken, Paul Krugman, the head of Sberbank, and they had a very intellectual economic discussion,” he said.

The main conclusion?

“Austerity right now will kill Europe, will create asset-priced deflation, and this is the worst thing that Europe can do right now — and, Russians believe, a little stimulus goes a long way.”

3. Lastly, politics.

Putin looked likely to win his re-election bid when voters head to the polls March 4, probably in a run-off election.

“Either way, Western media is much more consumed with this than Russian media,” he said.

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