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Will Super Bowl Ad Buzz Generate Sales Buzz?


Wondering which Super Bowlad run by the automakers is generating the greatest buzz?

You could pick almost any ad and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Chrysler’s two minute halftime spot featuring Clint Eastwoodlead to just a 13% increase in traffic at

But based on the chatter I’m seeing online it’s clear Chrysler has to be pumped by the reaction. Meanwhile, I’m not hearing as much commentary about the Fiat ad, yet says Fiat page views jumped an incredible 2,388%.

The point is, predicting the reaction to the Super Bowl ad blitz from automakers is impossible. The more important question is how many of those ads will spur sales.

According to the CNBC/Collective Intellect Super Sunday Ad Trackerhere are the 5 ads likely to push people to by a particular brand.

  1. Chevrolet
  2. Toyota
  3. Audi
  4. Chrysler
  5. Acura

I know some of you are reading this and saying to yourselves “I don’t buy it.” That’s fine, you have plenty of ammunition to support your argument that post Super Bowl rankings of ads are not accurate predictors of auto sales.

Last year, there was relatively little chatter about the Super Bowl ads from Hyundai featuring the new Elantra. I even remember a few people saying the ads were “just ok”. Yet what happened with Elantra sales last year? They soared 40.9%. It was a smash hit for Hyundai.

The fact is, Super Bowl buzz rarely carries over for a long period of time. Yes, some ads like the Chrysler featuring Eminem or Volkswagen featuring a little kid acting as Darth Vader break through the clutter. They have staying power, but most of the other ones do not. Can you remember a Super Bowl ad from last year?

My point is that it’s fun to pick and pan your most and least favorite Super Bowl auto ads. But determining how many will lead to greater sales remains to be seen.


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