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What Keeps Cramer Up at Night

Is Cramer Worried About the Markets?

What keeps Cramer up at night?

“It’s a topic I’ve been wondering about because many of you have complained that I’ve grown too bullish, that I’m too complacent, that I worry about nothing,” Cramer said Wednesday. “If only! I worry about everything.”

Take, for example, the possibility that Israel could attack Iran. Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak has said a strike may be necessary. Given Europe’s ongoing debt crisis and that the United States is producing mass amounts of oil, Cramer thinks Brent crude should be $20 below where it is right now. But with tensions high in the Middle East, nobody wants to make that bet.

Cramer is also worried about the high price of gasoline. Higher gas prices act as a tax on the consumer because if they are paying more for gas, they have less to spend on everything else. He’d like to see gas prices fall.

Another concern is that taxes could go up, Cramer said. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has he won’t slow the Fed’s monetary policies given the possibility of tax increases.

Meanwhile, Cramer is troubled that people who’ve long hated the market now love it. If someone has hated the market for the last 6,500 points decides to come in now, Cramer gets nervous.

Finally, Cramer thinks the market could sell off no matter what happens with Greece because it’s been able to rally in the face of all of its troubles. He just wants investors to be ready for it.

Cramer’s not, however, worried about earnings. Companies that report strong earnings are finally seeing their stocks pop again instead of being dragged down by the overall market. He’s also not concerned with politics. If President Obama wins re-election, he thinks that’s OK because the economy is showing some signs of improvement. If somebody else wins, that’s OK, too, because the White House will be friendlier to the stock market.

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