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How to Get Your Name on the Bathroom Wall 4-EVER

Kids have been writing their names, proclamations of love and angst-filled manifestos on bathroom stalls since — well, probably since the invention of the permanent marker.

Restroom Door
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(The Sharpie was invented in 1964, so we can safely say “I was here” and “Jim loves Sue” for more than 40 years!)

And, it’s a given that if you’ve ever written your name on a bathroom wall and then been back to that establishment, you checked to see if it was still there.

Well, now thanks to the recession, several cash-strapped universities are giving alumni the ability to have their name permanently on the bathroom wall or bathroom stall 4-EVER!

Remember that kid, William Falik, and how everyone made fun of his name? Well, he’s getting the last laugh. Not only is he now a wildly successful lawyer, real-estate developer and professor at UC Berkeley Law School, he now has a men's room named after him.

He donated $100,000 to his alma mater, Harvard Law School, and the men's room is now called the “Falik Men’s Room,” with a notation that it was sponsored by William A. Falik, class of ’71, the Above the Law website reported.

This isn't Falik's first trip to the men's room naming rodeo. The 'Falik Gentlemen's Lounge' at Berkeley Repertory's Roda Theater is also named for him.

"Although I have developed several new communities in California, with a name like 'Falik,' there are limited naming opportunities. (Somehow, 'Falik Blvd' or 'Falik Ave' does not cut it)," Professor Falik wrote in a note to Above the Law.

Falik’s mens’ room is by far the most amusing but not the only sponsored commode. Dixie State College in Utah is selling the naming rights to individual bathroom stalls for $2,000, Inside Higher Ed reported.

And after the University of Pennsylvania got a donation to renovate its bathrooms in the campus library, the donor requested a plaque be installed that said, “The relief you are now experiencing is made possible by a gift from Michael Zinman,” according to Inside Higher Ed.

There are also named commodes at the University of Colorado at Boulder and at Utah Valley University.

I’m thinking of putting a call in to Syracuse University. My mom would be so proud!

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