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Terranova: Beware Nuance Play On Apple Spike


As Apple stock hit another high Thursday, trader Joe Terranova singled out iPhone 4S supplier Nuance Communications.

After Hours Action: Nuance Communication

“This is the one trade we did not want you to own,” said Terranova, citing a similar call he made Jan. 24, as Apple set a previous high. “Understand that the relationship they have with Apple is unknown.”

Terranova said the company, which produces the voice-recognition technology behind the iPhone’s Siri digital assistant, has not disclosed how it is getting paid.

“There’s some that believe they’re getting a fixed fee from Apple,” he said.


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Terranova also noted a first-quarter earnings missand lightened guidance for the second quarter, along with a recent statement from the company that called its relationship with partners more complex.

“That’s problematic,” he said. “This is not an Apple second derivative play at the hype had suggested.”

Jon Najarian, cofounder of, said there wasn’t much options action, although he did see “an awful lot of retail speculation” from investors chasing the stock higher, setting a 52-week high of $31.15.

Nuance Communication shares closed at $30.45, up 3.8 percent. But the stock dropped to the $26 range in after-hours trading at 5:44 p.m. ET.

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