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UPDATE: Massive Trend Just Getting Underway in Financial Services: Finerman

Visa has been making a big push to upgrade its credit and debit cards to new technology that uses computer chips instead of magnetic strips.

On Thursday February 9th, the gang spoke with Stephanie Erickson head of authentication product integration at Visa about the massive trend underway.

Erickson tells us, "we have laid out a road map that's from now until 2015 for merchants to being to upgrade their point of sale terminals to being to accept this technology. Many merchants have already begun to lay the infrastructure."

Following the conversation, we thought you might be interested in seeing Finerman’s trading strategy again; something she first presented back on January 31st.


"Of course you could play the trend long Mastercard and Visa ," Finerman says, but if you do you also take on the risks associated with consumer spending. "Instead, I think the hardware and the software that facilitates the migration is the way to play."

Finerman suggests looking at the following names:

Global Payments

“I think the migration is going to happen. Longer term I believe that this is where the industry is going,” she says. And with these plays you can get ahead of the curve.

And on February 8th Joe Terranova offered another name. "I'd look at NXP Semiconductors, Broadcom and/or Infineon for mobile payments."


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