Funny Business with Jane Wells

In Search of America's ‘Hottest Forecasters’

Julia Dávila Lampe | Flickr Open | Getty Images

Reporting the weather can be dangerous. Sometimes.

Mostly it's a funny business.

The weather guy or gal stands in front of maps, goes to hospital openings, promotes pet adoptions, gets to eat a nice dinner between newscasts.

Are they worth it?

Take a look and decide for yourself. The Mother Nature Network is celebrating "America's Hottest Weather Forecasters,"an embarrassment of riches in muscles and curves. Is it me or is the temperature rising?

"We’re not exactly sure how this happened but television weather reporters seem to be a genetically blessed breed of people boasting naturally telegenic personalities, criminally white teeth and salon-perfect hair," writes MNN's Matt Hickman.

Oh, Matt, I think we know how it happened.

MNN’s list is equal opportunity eye candy, with eight men and eight women. Each one's Zodiac sign and relationship status is discussed. Weather Channel superstar Jim Cantoreis on the list, described as "beefy" and "like a fine wine." WNYW's Mike Woodsis "more ripped personal trainer than Willard Scott."

As for the women, there are former beauty queens, NFL cheerleaders, and swimsuit models. A few of them work in my city, Los Angeles, like KNBC's Elita Loresca, "Crowned 'America’s Sexiest Newscaster'.” No surprise there. Being "hot" while reporting hot weather in LA is mandatory. I mean, come on, THERE IS NO WEATHER HERE. What else is there to look at?

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