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When Love and the Fed Collide


A storm erupted on Twitter Friday capturing the unlikely intersection of love and the Federal Reserve .

#FedValentines, the brainchild of @justinwolfers, an economist at University of Pennsylvania, unleashed a flood of creativity — both unexpected and hysterical.

Along with the usual pundits, the new meme drew in groups as diverse as @BudgetHawks (The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget), some dude with the handle @JRC_ (Randall.) and the twitter streams of at least three Federal Reserve Banks.

Tweeted commentary included: “Best thing to happen to my twitter feed” and “hilarious.”

It makes one wonder just how many econo-geeks are secretly trolling the internet. The collective energies of the web produced more laughs per minute than any sitcom on TV since Seinfeld.

NYTimes, WSJ and other bloggers quickly curated some of the best tweets. The Huffington Post included a nifty scroll bar for tweets and avatars. Even Justin Wolfers picked his faves including tweets from Heidi N. Moore, Joseph Weisenthal and Austan Goolsbee.

Anytime that you can humanize an institution or make people laugh in 140 characters or less, everybody wins.

Here are a few that are funny or just plain surprising:

  • Tonight, we take out the bazooka #fedvalentines: @ReformedBroker
  • My attraction to you is not just fiscal. #fedvalentines: @JRC_
  • You make me structurally unbalanced.#fedvalentines #budgetvalentines: @BudgetHawks
  • Our love must forever remain a secret. (until transcripts are published five years from now): RT @Aaronlane: @justinwolfers #FedValentines
  • There’s no economy in my love for you! My heart doth labor at maximum capacity. #FedValentines: @philadelphiafed
  • #fedvalentines is poetry in motion!: @ChicagoFed
  • We'll always have Athens. #Fedvalentines: @Uncompahgre
  • I think we should see other central banks: @fearlicious
  • I like the way your yields curve. #fedvalentines: @carney

And our economist of the day @justinwolfers tweeted:

  • Further proof it's the coolest regional Fed: RT @SFFedReserve: I'm going to extraordinary measures to increase your stimulus #fedvalentines

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