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Halcon’s Wilson Shares Next Big Energy Move


Energy rainmaker Floyd Wilson said Monday that he’s looking to grow Halcon Resources enough for an exit strategy within the next few years.

“We have an aggressive plan in mind, so it’s hard to put down an exact time frame but two, three, four years wouldn’t be a big surprise to me,” the CEO said in an exclusive “Fast Money” interview.

Halcon CEO's Next Big Energy Play

If his track record is any indication, Wilson stands a good chance of hitting his target. Highlights of Wilson’s business ventures include:

  • Sold Hugoton Energy to Chesapeake Energy for $380 million in 1998
  • Sold 3TEC Energy to Plains Exploration & Production for $443 million in 2003
  • Created Petrohawk Energy in 2003 with $60 million
  • Sold Petrohawk to BHP Billiton for $12.1 billion in July 2011

Wilson’s outlook on crude oil was that the United States would continue to be an importer and could possibly become an exporter of natural gas.


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“Some of our success is going to keep weight on the natural gas prices,” he said.

In the fracking space, Wilson said prices needed to be north of $3 for it to be profitable, but he saw nat gas more as a supply-demand equation.

“You’re going to have to get supply and demand closer. Right now, the supply is far in excess of the demand, and that’s the reason for the lowest price,” he said.

Looking forward, Wilson said he was optimistic on exploration in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Louisiana.

“I would say the liquids-rich plays, the ones that are emerging, they’re all quite interesting to us,” he said. “We’re not finding a shortage of things to look at, nor a shortage of things where we think technology will be appropriate.”

Asked about what presidential candidate he would support, Wilson demurred.

“Politics doesn’t really seem to be any great friend to the oil and gas sector here in the U.S. very often,” he said. “We deal with it, and we’ll continue to deal with it. It’s OK.”

Trader Stephen Weiss, who owns Halcon stock and previously invested in Wilson’s companies, said he liked this play, too.

“I think this is a great way for the individual investor to invest in private equity, so to speak, because that’s what he is,” he said. “He’s a private equity company trading in the public markets. You can buy it, put it away and bet on him because he’s going to get you where you need to go.”

Steve Grasso of Stuart Frankel also liked the stock.

“I wouldn’t bet against him,” he said. “I’d be a buyer as well.”

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