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Billionaire Sports Team Owners


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Billionaire Sports Team Owners

Professional sports is a rare phenomenon in which people rich and poor can share equal enthusiasm for it. When a popular sporting event takes place, everyone is held in its thrall regardless of their economic situation, and this goes for everybody from the janitor living paycheck to paycheck to the most affluent hedge-fund manager with a Park Avenue address. When the score is tied, the clock is running out and the ball hangs in the air, we are all momentarily free of any economic class, and we all become simple sports fans.

Nothing could better illustrate this than the billionaire sports team owner. Sure, a popular sports team can be a lucrative investment that provides a revenue stream for years. However, one gets the sense that for the billionaire sports team owner, it's more than just another asset — it's a passion, and one that he or she is lucky to be able to afford. Click ahead to see some of the billionaires from all over the world who have added a major sports team (or two) to their vast portfolios.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 16 February 2012

James Devaney | WireImage | Getty Images