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Billionaire Sports Team Owners


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Joe Lewis

Team: Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
Net Worth: $4.2 billion

Joe Lewis is an English entrepreneur who made a fortune thanks to the events of Sept. 16, 1992, or "Black Wednesday." A currency trader, Lewis bet the pound sterling, the official currency of the U.K., would plunge in valuewhen the British government withdrew it from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. He was right, and he profited from his bearish attitude.

Lewis is the founder of the Tavistock Group, a private investment company headquartered in Florida. The company has investments in over 200 companies internationally, including the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, known to its fans as the Spurs. The team was the winner of the 2008 Football League Cup Final.

In 2010, Lewis' net worth was $4.2 billion, according to MSN Money, despite the fact that he owned 11 million shares of Bear Stearns when it collapsed in 2008, costing him over $1 billion.

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