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Amazon Stock Price Still Cheap, Steve Grasso Says


Amazon stock lagged Thursday as the stock market had its best day in two weeks, but trader Steve Grasso remained bullish on the online retail giant.

“If you evaluate it, you have to evaluate it as a bunch of different things. You have to evaluate it as a cloud play, as a streaming play, as a retail play,” he said on “Fast Money.”

As a straight retail play, Grasso conceded, Amazon might look expensive. But as a multifaceted technology play, “I think it’s still cheap.”

Grasso also noted that Amazon’s Kindle was No. 2 in the tablet market.

Amazon stock closed at $179.93, down 2.5 percent.

Tim Seymour of wasn’t a buyer.

“At 130 times earnings, I don’t need to own Amazon in an environment where I don’t know that the U.S. consumer is alive and well,” he said. “You’re looking for fantastic companies, Amazon is that, but is it at a great price here?”

Seymour said that was the reason for rotation out of the pricey stock for retailers with cheaper retailers.

“We’re short Amazon for three reasons: Top-line slowing, margins are compressing, and it’s an expensive stock,” said Keith McCullough of Hedgeye Risk Management. “You can’t be an expensive stock if you have those other two things happening at the same time.”

McCullough added that valuation was an issue plaguing other retailers, such as Bed, Bath & Beyond.

“If they can’t deliver sequentially accelerating revenues and margin expansion, they’re going to have a problem,” he said.

Guy Adami of Drakon Capital looked to a pattern that emerged last year. An intraday low of $175 might be a signal that Amazon’s share price might be setting up for a big bounce, having gone from around $171 in August to $245 by October.

“I’m not saying that same type of move is going to happen, but now you have something to trade against in the form of that $175 low today,” he said. “To me, the risk-reward sets up much better on the long side than the short side, and I’m not saying it can’t go lower. I’m just saying in terms of a trade, it might be worth a look here.”

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