US Kids Are Really, Really Into Tablets

Marco Prosch | Getty Images

So much for books and board games. These days kids are using tablet computers for everything from gaming to getting caught up on their homework.

A recent Nielsen surveyfound that seven in 10 children under age 12 in tablet-owning households were using tablet devices in the fourth quarter. This is a 9 percent increase since the previous quarter.

It's not surprising kids are mostly using tablet computers to play games (77 percent said they use tablets for gaming), but kids are also using the devices for educational purposes (57 percent), watching movies (43 percent) and communicating with friends and family (15 percent).

Adults with children under 12 were surveyed for the results.

Tablets being used in education have garnered significant attention recently, with Apple announcing in January that it plans to launch an iPad textbook experience.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference he expects tablets to eventually outsell PCs.

With such high adoption rate for tablets among young children already, I dare say, Cook may be right.


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