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Your Questions About…. Apple, Euro and Gold

The Fast Money traders always enjoy hearing from you.

On Thursday our pros tackled your questions about Apple, the euro and gold.  Here’s what they had to say:


Q: Was the dip in $aapl its correction? Where will it go now?

A: Steve Grasso thinks that Apple still has a great deal of upside. “There are just too many upside catalysts like iTV and new iPhones,” he says.



Q: Is today's move in the euro facilitating a short squeeze in the FXE?

A: Keith McCullough believes gains in euro are due to weakness in the yen . “The yen is getting crushed – that’s the problem. When you’re short the euro you have to think about yen, too."



Q: Do you think the gold stocks may have bottomed today?

A: Guy Adami says he prefers to play gold with the precious metal  rather than related stocks. With that said, “if you want to play the stocks look at AUY. It had a bit of a dip but I think it’s heading to $19,” he says.

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