Christian Music Artists Get Bump From Linsanity

Jeremy Lin
Getty Images

Jeremy Lin's star power is giving an unexpected boost to a couple of Christian musical artists.

Lin, an outspoken Christian, told music news network Fuse, that some of his favorite jams are by Christian hip-hop artistLecrae and the Christian band Hillsong United.

"An artist you got to check out is Lecrae," said Lin. "He's a Christian rapper. Just raps a lot about the Gospel. I really enjoy his lyrics as well so if you're a big lyrics guy he's a good fit for you," Lin told Fuse.

Lecrae's music video "Don't Waste Your Life" has surpassed 3.5 million views on YouTube. Viewers have posted comments below the video acknowledging that Lin's reccomendation brought them to check out Lecrae's music video.

"J lin brought me here" and "JLIN told me this is the truth!" are just some examples to how viewers are responding.

Lin said he likes to listen to Hillsong to mellow out before a game.

"I listen to them to just remind myself why I'm playing the game and remind myself I'm playing to glorify God; I just try to focus on that," Lin told Fuse.

Hillsong United is currently ranked the number one album on iTunes.

Check out Lecrae's video below.