Microsoft Pokes Fun at Google Apps in Web Video

Google Apps

Microsoft aims to make fun of Google Apps in a parody video posted on YouTubeearlier this week. But, well, the video isn't that funny. In fact, it almost comes off as an attempt to defend itself against competition posed by Google.

Microsoft accuses Google of "moonlighting," or as they call it in the video "Googlighting," with Google Apps — basically implying that Google Apps is not as capable as Microsoft's Office suite and is not taking its enterprise business seriously.

Microsoft states on itswebsite that "Google Apps is an ever-changing solution with experimental features that can increase complexity..." The website also plainly states that Google Apps is not equipped to support businesses properly.

Google Apps, a service that provides web applications similar to Microsoft's office suites, however, is used by over four million businesses, according to Google's website.

Microsoft makes it clear in its video that the company thinks Google should stick to ad sales and leave the enterprise business to Microsoft. But Microsoft may want to leave the clever videos to someone else. The spoof aims to make a fool of Google, but alas for Microsoft, it comes off as the foolish one.

Check out the video below.