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Technology SPDR (XLK)

For less than $30 per share, you can actually own Apple — sort of. “XLK not only gets you broader technology exposure, but is about 17 percent Apple specific,” said Patty Edwards, chief investment officer at Trutina Financial. The exchange-traded fund also offers additional Apple exposure through its other holdings, which include AT&T (6.3 percent), Qualcomm (3.7 percent), Texas Instruments (1.4 percent ), Corning (0.75 percent ), Broadcom (0.66 percent ) and a host of others.

“That’s a total of 30 percent of the ETF with direct or indirect Apple exposure for only $28.95 a share,” she said.

The XLK had a market capitalization of $9.43 billion and EPS of $1.75.

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