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Bentley EXP 9F Luxury SUV

Price: Approx. $250,000

It has been a good start to the year for luxury carmaker Bentley, with sales jumping 50 percent in 2012. “For Bentley, we have tremendous times. We finished the year 2011 with overall sales growth of 37 percent, and even in the first month of this year, we are very good again," president and CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer told CNBC. "It is 47 percent-plus, on a worldwide average. So the luxury market runs again and we are very happy, and Bentley is prepared to be good business in the future."

Asked about the launch of Bentley’s new luxury SUV, the EXP 9F, Dürheimer, who was chief of engineering at Porsche when that company’s SUV was launched, said: “The SUV market is the only market worldwide that is still growing, and our core business is in the U.S. Meanwhile in China, but also in Europe, and with an SUV, you have the chance to combine a lot of things that for a car owner are very important.”

Photo courtesy: Bentley Motors