How I Made My Millions

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Billy Bob Teeth

These fake teeth were designed to transform anyone into a bumpkin. Jonah White first laid eyes on them at a college football game in 1994. A man with “terrible teeth” was “talking trash” during halftime, White said. It turned out that man was Rich Bailey, friend of a friend, and the teeth were fake — he had made them in dental school. White saw an opportunity and had Bailey make him a set.

At the time, White said, he was living in a cave behind his parents’ house, working odd jobs to pay off his student loans. Soon, White and Bailey went into business, selling the Billy Bob Teeth one set at a time. Bailey left the company to pursue his dental career a few years later.

These days, White has expanded into sandals, headwear and other Billy Bob products. He’s also moved into nicer digs thanks to the over $50 million in sales his company has generated since Billy Bob Teeth were first sold.

Photo & Source: Billy Bob Products