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Unique Converted Homes 2012

Location: Caceres, SpainArchitect: Abaton

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Location: Caceres, Spain
Architect: Abaton

This former abandoned cow stable is in Caceres, a province in western Spain where settlements date from ancient times. The cow-raising methods aren’t much different today due to the hilly landscape, where it’s not possible to use modern farm equipment.

The home belongs to Abaton partners Carlos Alonso and his sister Camino, who created this new version of the building as a country house for their family. So guests won’t feel like they’re sleeping in a stable, bedrooms feature cutout doors to the outside, and for the niños, there’s a bunk room with a kids’ bathroom, which has trough-like sinks at two heights.

Due to the remote location, the architects designed this house to be off the grid. A solar panel system helps with energy during the summer, and the southern-facing position enables it to be passively heated by sunlight in warmer weather. In the winter, the home is powered with turbines using the property’s two streams. The filtered stream water is even used for the shower and drinking. Collected water in the courtyard helps the house cool in summer. The sun reflects from the outdoor pool onto the walls. The resulting house blends with the landscape and uses the natural resources and is simple and modern inside.

Further proving that a home doesn’t need two of each top-of-the-line kitchen appliance to ensure happiness, watch the video tour. You’ll never see anyone more pleased with a house.