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9. Yang Xuegang, 47

Fortune: $2.05 billion
Company: Risun Group

Yang Xuegang, who has been a member of the NPC since 2008, is the chairman and president of the Risun Group — a global producer and supplier of coal, coke and chemical products.

Beijing-based Risun was founded in 1995, and has four industrial parks and over 10 coal and chemical subsidiaries and joint ventures. According to the company's website, the provincial Hebei government "supports" it in its efforts to improve chemical technology and conserve energy.

Last year, the company announced a joint venture with Boston-based Cabot to build a carbon black manufacturingfacility in the southern Xingtai city with an investment of $100 million. There were also reports that Risun was planning a Hong Kong IPO in 2011, although there has been no filing to date.

Yang's wife Lu Xiaomei is among China's top 10 richest women,according to the Hurun report. Her wealth comes from her husband's privately owned company.

Image courtesy of Risun Group