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Lauryn Hill and 10 Other Celebrities Hit by Taxman

Nicolas Cage

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Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is a popular actor whose films have been cleaning up at the box office since the 1980s. One of those hits was the 1995 film "Leaving Las Vegas" where he played a suicidal alcoholic, a role for which he won an Academy Award. In 2009 he was hit with a lien of over $6 million by the IRS for delinquent taxes, interest and penalties, and received a separate lien for unpaid property taxes.

In January 2010, the actor announced he would pay the IRS a jaw-dropping sum to settle all of his debts. "Over the course of my career I have paid at least $70 million in taxes, unfortunately, due to a recent legal situation, another approximate $14 million is owed to the IRS," Cage told People magazine. "However, I am under new business management and am happy to say that I am current for 2009, all taxes will be paid including any to be determined state taxes."

On April 4, ABC News reported that the actor had taken a big step towards being free and clear of his debts by making a payment to the IRS of over $6 million.

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