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10. Inchon (1982)

Net losses, inflation adjusted: $89,870,942
Total cost: $46,000,000
Worldwide theater gross: $5,200,986
Net losses (actual): $40,799,014

Inchon was 1982 Korean War epic that was secretly financed by Sun Myung Moon, leader of the controversial Unification Church and starred Sir Laurence Olivier as General Douglas MacArthur. Once this source of funding was revealed, the problems piled up quickly.

The US Department of Defense, who had allowed 1500 real soldiers to be used as extras in the film, demanded that they be removed from the credits. Protesters picketed the world premiere, which caused congressman Dan Glickman to leave the screening for fear of being associated with Moon’s church.

The movie was horribly reviewed, with some publications calling it one of the worst films of all time. This all added up to a $2 million box office take against the film’s $46 million budget.

Photo: MGM